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Geschäftführer Herr Blatt

Lars Blatt, company management
“Smart product solutions are also the result of smooth communications”




As a leading German manufacturer and supplier of ready-to-install hose conduits, the company VIGOT Industrietechnik GmbH has a rich history of 150 years of entrepreneurship. We continue to build on this successful tradition, by using our long experience to create solutions that are matched to the market, technically sophisticated and environmentally sustainable.

Our modern system of quality management is a key part of this process. It encompasses fast means of communication and finely-tuned logistics, along with end-to-end product monitoring, the responsible use of resources and regular training and retraining of our specialist staff.

Our well-trained workforce has always been our most important asset when it comes to technology. Our intensive training programmes are designed to ensure that our employees continue to be capable of supplying sustainable solutions.

Just call us. Your challenge is our motivation.

14011 021 Besprech Stanz

Exchange of experiences
Even complex tasks can be solved quickly and reliably when subject to joint action

14011 051 Meeting

Meeting points in production
Constant testing and monitoring is the guarantee of top-quality outcomes

12023 017 TeamWerkstatt

Regular in-company training
Our teams are always up-to-date with the corresponding know-how

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