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SCHAUENBURG INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS is one of four business units of SCHAUENBURG INTERNATIONAL and a key division in the group. It consists of well-established companies which specialise in elastomeric and thermoplastic products. By drawing upon extensive experience to deliver sophisticated, environmentally friendly solutions, we satisfy the highest quality standards and consistently meet market needs. We offer one-stop solutions – so whether we are developing new products or providing tailored logistics services, we are always focused on finding the right solutions for our customers.

11164 0510 IndustrietechnikAll SCHAUENBURG INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS companies adhere to the highest quality standards. We work according to the DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management standard which ensures besides routine monitoring the further development of the materials and production processes we use.

Technical solutions with enhanced service: This combination makes us a valued partner of the industry.

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C+L Industrietechnik GmbH
Nürnberg, Germany

SCHWALENBERG Industrietechnik GmbH
Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany

C+L Industrietechnik GmbH
Erfurt, Germany

VIGOT Industrietechnik GmbH
Bremen, Germany

C+L Industrietechnik GmbH
former FISCHER Industrietechnik
Branch Stuttgart, Germany

VIGOT Rhein Main
Mainz, Germany

bpt Bayerische Profiltechnik
A brand of C+L Industrietechnik
Branch Munich, Germany

VIGOT Rhein-Ruhr
Mülheim/Ruhr, Germany

SCHAUENBURG Technical Solutions Ltd.
Gainsborough, United Kingdom

VIGOT meets Braunwarth
Überlingen, Germany

VIGOT Benelux
Harderwijk, Niederlande


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