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VIGOT Industrietechnik GmbH is one of the leading assemblers and manufacturers of ready-to-install hose lines in Germany. The company offers products and services in the fields of hydraulics, industrial supplies and reeling technology, and is active worldwide. Customers include businesses in the market segments of ship building, aerospace, chemical and food industry, steelworks, defence engineering as well as rail technology and automotive. The company, which has a rich tradition, is able to look back on an almost 150-year company history and is now part of the Schauenburg Group.

The VIGOT product portfolio covers the entire ready-assembled range of hose lines based on thermoplastics, elastomers or metal. This includes fire sleeves as well as hydraulic hose systems, metal hoses and hose solutions for the offshore and inshore sector. Besides hoses sold by the metre, the company supplies hoses as ready-to-install components, which due to customer needs often require high quality finishing to hose goods and fittings.

VIGOT has been approved by various classification societies as an authorised assembler of individual products. These societies include Germanische Lloyd, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd´s Register, Det Norske Veritas, ABS and Rina. VIGOT is authorised to manufacture hose lines, issue certificates and deliver to customers under its own name, meaning that no more individual approval processes have to be carried out by an inspector on site. In addition to this, the company has accreditations from the German Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB) and from the rail technology sector. Accreditation in accordance with the overriding quality management system, DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, gives clients peace of mind.

Even when VIGOT appears on the market as a retailer, the company regularly develops stand-alone products, whereby it often resorts to the technical skills within the Schauenburg Group and cooperates with specialist firms at home and abroad. Examples of this are the Maximall S 2000 hose system or the VIGOT fire sleeves.

The Maximall S 2000 hose system was designed as a flame-resistant hose system for applications in marine engineering. It is used in the filling and supply area of ships.

The fire sleeves act as a cover for hose lines and cables to protect them from the effects of fire from the outside. They consist of a mineral base material with a special impregnation. Due to the density of the fabric, the wall thickness of the base material and the coating thickness, the fire sleeves are able to withstand extreme temperatures for a short time. Added to this is a high puncture resistance. Besides hoses that are assembled during the packing stage, the customer is also supplied with products for subsequent assembly.

Hose lines and systems form the core competence of VIGOT. Over and above this, the company's range covers neighbouring product fields. These include, for example, dry and hydraulic couplings as well as filter elements and fastening technology. The company has also developed its own products outside of the hose sector. One example of this is the VMC mounting rail system, which allows the installation of hydraulic and pneumatic hose lines, pipes, cables or sprinkler systems.

Based on its tradition and experience from an almost 150-year history, today VIGOT makes a major contribution to technical optimisation when using hose lines. Products have thereby emerged that represent market-driven, ecological and technically sophisticated solutions, especially in terms of quality, safety and reliability.

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