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The “economic miracle” arising from the reconstruction of Germany allowed business to bloom. People appreciated these economic objectives, but also longed for peace, tranquillity and prosperity. Important events of this period included the first manned spaceflight, and the beginning of the computer age, led by Apple, Microsoft and others. The German football team became masters of the Beautiful Game by winning the first World Cup to be held in Germany, in 1974 (after previously bringing it home in 1954).

< Milestones: 1976 to 2000

12142 031 Hydraulikschlaeuche 1973   1973
The hose workshop occupies a series of basement rooms at Am Wall 126, which seriously limits the amount of space available for working in.

Vigot Rechtliches Ereigniss  

Walter Haunroth leaves the company in 1972 on health grounds, although he retains his limited-liability partnership, and continues to act in a consulting capacity.

Alfred Warner continues the running of the firm, with three authorised signatories: Rainer Jäkel, Walter Niemann and Werner Utzat.

Historie 1970 Feuerschutzschlauch   1970
The VIGOT F88 fire-sleeve is developed under the leadership of Rainer Jäkel.

Vigot Rechtliches Ereigniss   1967
Werner Utzat manages to obtain a Rust-Oleum dealership.

12142 026 Verschluesse 1966   1966
Walter Niemann becomes an authorised signatory, and is also appointed Head of the Industrial Supplies Department. Werner Utzat expands the programme of cooperation with the PHOENIX rubber manufacturing works, above all in the area of Megi products and industrial hoses.

Platzhalter weiß   1965
Walter Niemann negotiates a programme of cooperation with KILIAN in Hamburg (Germany) for the manufacture of special reel devices.

Vigot Rechtliches Ereigniss   1964
Johann Friedrich Wessels dies, after having led the company for 57 years. The firm is transformed into a limited-partnership company. Authorised signatories Alfred Warner and Walter Haunroth become limited-liability partners, along with Dagmar Wessels. They take over the management of the company. Werner Utzat is engaged in a commercial capacity. He works in the Industrial Supplies Department, where he is responsible for both procurement and sales.

Vigot Rechtliches Ereigniss   1962
Initial commercial relationship with Aeroquip Germany.
The manufacture of hydraulic hoses begins.

Platzhalter weiß   1959
The company ceases its activities in the areas of rubber products for medical use, raincoats and baby articles.

12142 020 Technischer Handel 1957 klein   1957
The company’s trade in technical items takes on more importance, and develops into a wide range of rubber and plastic products. VIGOT products are presented at the IAA trade fair in Frankfurt (Germany).

Vigot Rechtliches Ereigniss   1956
The patent rights to the successful VIGOT vehicle jack expire.

12142 019 VIGOT-Wagenheber 1954   1954
Most German cars are equipped with VIGOT jacks.
The first major customers include Mercedes, VW and BMW. “VIGOT” therefore becomes a trademark belonging to the company.

Milestones: 1901 to 1950 >

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Managing Directors: Hans-Peter Niederwald CEO, Lars Blatt CSO, Ralf Winter COO

Welcome to the future!

From June 1st, 2020 VIGOT Industrietechnik will operate under the name SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik GmbH. By merging our core businesses, we are expanding and strengthening our position on the global market. For you this means even more reliability and efficiency in our industrial partnership.

Together we form a dynamic group of companies that comprehensively meets the growing demands on your industry. We look forward to the changes in the industry with confidence and determination, for your and our success.

Accompany us in a new era of our company history! Your current contact persons will continue to be available for you! Our dedicated team will be pleased to inform you personally.

Further information about SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik, the brands VIGOT® Hose technology and bpt Bayerische Profiltechnik® can be found on our website.

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