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Satz VIGOT Industrietechnik Pfade EN

Political events mark the final quarter of the 20th century, including treaties with the former Warsaw Pact countries, several varieties of European terrorism, political reform and emancipation, the rise of “The Greens” in politics and the reunification of Germany, to name just a few. But the century is also characterised by its fast rate of technological development and inventiveness. The first space shuttle is launched, the computer age begins, IBM presents the first personal computer, car telephones become popular and photocopiers appear in offices. Coupled with mobile telephones, SMS messaging and e-mails, the World Wide Web heralds the start of a great new technological era. The world is now in every living room, and the euro currency turns Europe into a new economic entity.

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12142 055 Mobil 1998   1998
VIGOT GmbH sets up a mobile test service for the initial and subsequent inspection of hose conduits used in the chemicals industry and food-and-beverage sector.
12142 056 Internetauftritt 1997   1997
VIGOT GmbH debuts on the Internet with its own website.
12142 051 Ehrenmitarbeiter 1995  

VIGOT GmbH conforms to the QM-system requirements of DIN ISO EN 9002.

VIGOT GmbH honours five of its employees with long-service awards, among them:

Werner Utzat, CEO
Walter Niemann, authorised signatory

Vigot Rechtliches Ereigniss   1992
Taking-on of MAPA representation for the industrial supply sector.
12142 049 Metallschlauch 1991  

Taking-on of POLYFLEX representation for the hydraulic systems sector.
Taking-on of IWK Metal Hose representation for the hydraulic systems sector.

Historie 1990 Maximall S2000   1990
VIGOT and PAGUAG jointly develop the Maximall S 2000 hose system.
12142 044 Schlauchaufroller 1990   1990
Walter Niemann designs a new hose reel in collaboration with Rainer Jäkel.
The design is developed at the Hochschule für Künste art college by a working group under the leadership of Prof. Wolfgang Jarchow.

12142 043 VIGOT GmbH 1989  

The company AD. VOIGT GmbH celebrates its 125 years of existence. This occasion marks the transformation of AD. VOIGT GmbH into VIGOT GmbH, taking full advantage of its renowned brand name.

Walter Niemann incorporates the assembly of VIGOT A/AX/AW reels into the range of items produced at the VIGOT works.   

Vigot Rechtliches Ereigniss  

The new corporate group and its current data-management requirements mean that the computerisation of its accounting and order-processing procedures is now unavoidable.

All the employees involved throughout the company do their utmost to ensure that this key phrase runs smoothly.

Historie 1987 Schauenburg  

Ad. Voigt & Co. becomes a member-company of the Schauenburg Group. This coincides with its conversion into a German limited-liability (GmbH) company. Alfred Warner and Walter Haunroth leave the company.

Rainer Jäkel is managing director.

12142 037 Aufrolltechnik 1986   1986
Walter Niemann enters into close corporation with BRAUNWARTH, with a view to developing the range of reel-system technology.

Vigot Rechtliches Ereigniss   1985
Rainer Jäkel becomes a partner.     
Vigot Rechtliches Ereigniss  

Werner Utzat and Rainer Jäkel become joint CEOs.

The programme of cooperation with PAGUAG is expanded by Werner Utzat and stabilised further in subsequent years on the basis of his initiatives. 

12142 033 Firmengebaeude 1980 klein  

The company inaugurates its new site on the Ingolstädter Strasse.
The new building reflects the self-confidence of a company of long-standing, which has always endeavoured to move with the times and deliver development work to match. Bremen (Germany)-based architect Peter Schnorrenberger creates a structure that manages to achieve a symbiosis between prestige design and practical function.

The company’s traditional home on Am Wall, a main central street in the German city of Bremen, had to make way for a development that would allow unhindered vehicle access and provide sufficiently flexible onsite space for the required warehousing and workshop facilities.

The company now owns, in addition to its main headquarters, a further site on the Pfalzburger Strasse, referred to internally as Werk II or “No. 2 Works”.
This is the initial production site of the VIGOT fire-sleeve.

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