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Germany has been free of war for 50 years; with a great European Community and worldwide production opportunities providing a background to the ups and downs of the economy. As the 21st century gets under way, computers of all types – both fixed and portable – become part of day-to-day life. Apple’s first iPod, along with the first Smartphone, help bring about even more person-to-person communication. eBay emerges as market leader in the second-hand sector, and Germany's future lies in renewable energy resources. Solar, wind and water power become ever-more widespread.

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Historie 2010 Facebook   2010
VIGOT GmbH joins Facebook on 6th October.

Historie 2010 GL Zertifizierung  

More than 100 European, Japanese and Korean business organisations have adopted the Germanischer Lloyd “Alternative Product Certification” (APC).

VIGOT holds the following Germanischer Lloyd certification:
Recognition Certificate, Test Module II according to GL-Guideline VI-6-2 No. GL-APC 19861-11 HH

Historie 2010 Feuerschutzschlauch Flex   2010
Extension of the product range: The “Flex” fire-sleeve is launched.

Historie 2009 Feuerschutzschlauch   2009
The VIGOT GmbH fire-sleeve receives approval for use on railways and in the shipping sector.

Historie 2009 TecnoPlast   ­2009
VIGOT is a main dealer for TECNO PLAST.
TECNO PLAST has been a specialist supplier of hose technology and valve fittings for over 30 years. All our top-quality products
- conform to the latest technical standards
- are highly reliable and durable
- are extremely versatile
Historie 2009 Oelservice   ­2009
The HYDAC oil service offers a system-based, gap-free range of facilities designed to ensure that correct maintenance and inspection lengthen the service life of hydraulic subassemblies, lubrication systems and electrohydraulic control and regulating systems.

Historie 2008 Autorisierung GL  

CEO Lars Blatt signs the authorisation for Germanischer Lloyd’s “Alternative Product Certification” (APC)

This means that VIGOT GmbH is now entitled, subject to observance of the relevant GL guidelines, to inspect and document its products and then issue test certificates that are recognised by Germanischer Lloyd.

Historie 2008 EATON  

Joint CEOs Rainer Jäkel and Lars Blatt, along with authorised signatory Ulf Steck, received an award at the Eaton representatives' event for Germany/Austria/Switzerland/BeNeLux held in November 2008.

VIGOT GmbH has successfully acted as a main dealer of the Eaton/Aeroquip Company for more than 40 years.

Historie 2008 Messestand   2008
VIGOT attended the SMM trade event in Hamburg (Germany) where it presented its:
- Hydraulic hoses
- Metal hoses
- Tank-filling hoses
- Fire-sleeves
- Hoses for marine use
- Drinking-water hoses
- Reel systems

Historie 2008 Feuerschutzschlauch  

Further development of fire-sleeves.

Our fire-sleeves are being further improved with the addition of various coupling technologies.

Historie 2007 VTH   2007
CEO Lars Blatt reports in July 2007, in the house journal of the German VTH technical trade association, on the current development, positioning and evaluation of the hose supplier as a product innovator.

Historie 2007 Fluid Magazin   2007
Interview with CEO Lars Blatt and Head of Sales Ulf Steck in „fluid Spezial 2007“

Historie 2006 Tragschiene   2006
The new VMC support-rail system is designed for the flexible installation of hydraulic and pneumatic hose conduits, pipes, cables and cable troughs, along with sprinkler systems.

Historie 2006 Geschaeftsfuehrer   2006
Lars Blatt is appointed CEO on 18th January 2006.

Historie 2004 Mitarbeiterqualifikation   2004
Lars Blatt is qualified to work with the German health and safety regulations (BetrSichV) covering pressure devices.

Historie 2003 Linatex   2003
Taking-on of representation for LINATEX wear-prevention products.

Historie 2002 DIN ISO 9001 2000  

VIGOT GmbH, which has been certified since 1995, conforms to the advanced quality-management-system requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

VIGOT GmbH adopts the new IT program NAVISION as part of its efforts to optimise its accounting procedures.


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