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Developments in the area of computer technology know no limits. Apple launches its first tablet computer, the iPad. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google link together millions of people to create communities of a type never seen before. Writing becomes superfluous, as speech recognition breaks completely new ground. Robotics emerges as a scientific discipline in its own right to create new possibilities, both for everyday life and in fields such as medicine. Hybrid vehicles, e-bikes and electric cars take to the roads.

Historie 2014 150 Jahre   2014
VIGOT celebrates its 150th anniversary. Under the slogan „VIGOT creates connections“ the history of the established and innovative company was appreciated as part of an inhouse exhibition.

Historie 2014 Schlauchkatalog   2014
The new product catalog appears. On more than 100 pages you now find the product portfolio of VIGOT Industrietechnik GmbH in the field of hose technology.
Historie 2014 Ausbildungsbetrieb   2014
The chamber of commerce of Bremen (Germany) has recognised the training initiatives of VIGOT by awarding the company the corresponding certificate in accordance with German legislation on vocational training. Our advanced training programme is designed to ensure ongoing quality as we continue to grow in the metropolitan region of north-west Germany.

Historie 2013 Cable Connection  

Cable Connection becomes our new distribution partner for fire-sleeves in the Netherlands.
For further information on our partner, please go to

Historie 2013 F88 Web   2013
Our fire-sleeves go online. Please go to for further information on the in-house development work of VIGOT Industrietechnik GmbH on the F 88-type fire-sleeve.

Historie 2012 EATON Distributionspartner   2012
VIGOT has been certified as a distribution partner of EATON under the terms of its Channel Partner Program. As a partner of Aeroquip, Hansen & Gromelle, Walterscheid and Winner, VIGOT is set to offer even more expertise in the area of industrial technology.

Historie 2012 Xing   2012
VIGOT Industrietechnik GmbH extends its social-media presence with a company profile on Xing.

Historie 2012 Lebensmittelschlauch   2012
VIGOT Industrietechnik GmbH assembles and tests hose conduits to ensure their reliable, long-term use in the field of food-and-beverage technology.

Historie 2011 Schlauchtechnik Katalog   2011
Our product catalogue covering the area of hose technology is published. Its 80-plus pages contain details of the product range of VIGOT Industrietechnik GmbH in the field of hose technology.

Historie 2011 Umfirmierung-1   2011
The company does not just see itself as a supplier of hoses, but also as a manufacturer, dealer and service provider. It is for this reason that the company changes its name to VIGOT Industrietechnik GmbH.

Historie 2011 Wasser Land Luft   2011
On land, on water and in the air.
The scope of the applications that VIGOT GmbH covers continues to grow.

Lars Blatt is appointed managing director on 1st January 2011.

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