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Satz VIGOT Industrietechnik Pfade EN

Developments in the area of computer technology know no limits. Apple launches its first tablet computer, the iPad. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google link together millions of people to create communities of a type never seen before. Writing becomes superfluous, as speech recognition breaks completely new ground. Robotics emerges as a scientific discipline in its own right to create new possibilities, both for everyday life and in fields such as medicine. Hybrid vehicles, e-bikes and electric cars take to the roads.


Historie 2018 Eaton Kooperation VIGOT  

VIGOT and Eaton – a successful cooperation for more than 45 years and now again certificated as „Channel Partner“. VIGOT enlarges its profile of competence again with international well known products. As a specialist supplier, distributor and manufacturer for rail transport and railway engineering, VIGOT is operating all over Germany and works close together with Aeroquip, Gromelle, Hansen, Industrial Hose, Synflex, Walterscheid and Winner. Eaton puts the permanent establishment Mühlheim/Ruhr to its dealer list.

Historie 2018 Rhein Ruhr VIGOT   2018
With the reopened permanent establishment at Mühlheim/Ruhr VIGOT opens up a new sphere of activity in the region Rhein-Ruhr for connectorization and maintainance of industrial hoses. Versatile in performance, in quality clear! The brand of MAXIMALL® hose systems enriches the portfolio of the company with products for rail transport, metallurgy, defence technology and energy technology.
Historie 2018 Vergroeßerung Standort VIGOT   2017
VIGOT Bremen has reached its limit of capacity and the company enlarges its permanent establishment. To satisfy all new conditions and tasks the production area is expanded. As a consequence of intern restructurings, part of the administration departmenet takes place in new premisses at Schongauerstr. 7 at Bremen.
Historie 2017 Maximall Schlauchsystem  

A product prevails: MAXIMALL® hose systems. The proven know-how in hose technology gets with MAXIMALL® his own brand name. Since 1970 VIGOT develops fire protection hoses for rail transport and for the use with high temperature. Metallurgy with its special challenges for example is delivered with the MAXIMALL® E-CR. For more than 20 years the MAXIMALL® S 2000 is used in defence technology. The range of products is expanded by the MAXIMALL® Windpower in energy technology. Further information:


Historie 2017 vigot Schlauchregister   2017
The tube register is introduced. In this data base all dates of every single tested tube are collected with its own tube number. Test certificates are recorded chronologically and the client has optional access to his test results at any time. This consequent and continuous documentation increases the operational safety fort he clients and improves the cooperation.
Historie 2017 Relaunch WWS VIGOT   2017
VIGOT starts the relaunch of the merchandise management system, which is connected with the issue of certificates for hose testing. With this step the company puts a visible sign for taking part in the digital change.   
Historie 2017 Fuhrpark Mobile Schlauchpruefung VIGOT   2017
With extension of the fleet for mobile hose testing VIGOT Rhein-Main puts a visible mark for quality. Mobile hose testing on site reduces machine downtimes for the clients. With qualified and certified employees VIGOT expands its core competence. Further information:
Historie 2015 Braunwarth VIGOT   2016
Reels and hose technology: Braunwarth and VIGOT are founding a successful cooperation to cover together the German market. Clients from industry substantially benefit from solutions from a single source.
Historie 2015 e Katalog VGOT Onlienkatalog   2015
The e-catalouge is online! Products can now easily be choosen and requested via internet. The number of hoses and the detailed description helps to commit the hoses very well planed. Besides from roll length assembled hoses can be delivered as well.
Historie 2015 Rhein Main VIGOT Betriebsstätte   2015
VIGOT opens its permanent establishment Rhein/Main at Mainz with main emphasis on hose testing. With this branch VIGOT covers in the region Frankfurt / Rhein-Main an additional area with sustained hose testing and connectorisation of hoses. Hose assemblies are assembled in the company and are delivered in time to the customer.

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