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The Linatex Company has been a reliable sales partner of the SCHAUENBURG INTERNATIONAL Group for many years. VIGOT Industrietechnik GmbH is the Group’s member-company with responsibility for distributing Linatex products in northern Germany.

The Linatex Company has made a name for itself in the field of natural rubber products and devices for use in plant construction. Linatex® premium rubber, which consists of 95% natural caoutchouc, offers outstanding performance regarding load capacity, strength and resistance to cutting, tearing and friction wear.

The extraordinary physical characteristics and outstanding performance offered by Linatex are based on its unique, patented manufacturing process. The Linatex process causes, in contrast to others of its type, only minimal mechanical damage to the molecular structure of the manufactured rubber, which translates into considerable cost advantages for the user. Linatex is unbeatable in terms of wet friction wear.

Linatex supplied in sheets
· Linatex
· LinaPlus FG
· LinaPlus OZ
· Linatril
· Linard 40
· Linard 60
· Linard HD
· LinaFoam
· MA 60

We also offer the following items from the Linatex range of products:
• Animal recovery rooms
• Feed hoses with a Linatex core
• Linatex as a photographic screen or projection / reflective foil
• Linatex mouldings
• Linatex profile sections
• Blanks and stamped components made of Linatex
• Mandrel-based Linatex solutions
• Linatex pumps for abrasive substances
• Lina-Valve
• Lina-Crepe
• Linatex hydrocyclones

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