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Industrietechnik Vignette Neu Book 88x100px

Satz VIGOT Industrietechnik Pfade EN

Our company, which operates worldwide, offers products and services in the hydraulic systems, industrial supply and reel-technology sectors. Our customers include business organisations active in the shipbuilding, aerospace, chemicals, food-and-beverage, steelmaking, defence technology, rail transport and automotive sectors.

On land –
from the steel industry to the automotive sector
10039 Land Schweissen10039 Land Bagger10039 Land Panzer
Industrial production · vehicle manufacture · military tank technology


On water – from sea travel to wind power
10039 Water Schiff10039 Water Windrad10039 Water Marine
Shipping · offshore sector · marine technology


In the air – from civil to military
10039 Air Flugzeug10039 Air Rakete10039 Air Satelit
Aircraft · aerospace sector · satellite technology