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Satz VIGOT Industrietechnik Pfade EN

Gas hoses need to meet the most-demanding of safety standards. The makes that we supply fulfil maximum quality specifications regarding robustness and correct functioning for use with gaseous and liquid substances. Examples of such products include:

 11165 012 AmmoniakschlauchAmmonia hose conforming to NF EN ISO 5771 (Dec. 1996)

For conveying water-free ammonia, in either liquid or gas form. Fulfils all the requirements of NF EN ISO 5771 (Dec. 1996). Available as a ready-assembled hose conduit with swaged couplings supplied to customer specifications. Other dimensions are available on request.


11165 017 Autogenschlauch EN 559Oxyacetylene gas hose EN 559

For the safe transport of oxygen and cutting/welding gases in conformity with DIN EN ISO 3821. Flexible and robust. Resistant to kinks and deformation. Contains no LABS, stripping agents or grease.


11165 104 TRIX-AllbrenngasschlauchTRIX® all-round cutting/welding gas hose

Designed for conveying all cutting/welding gases and liquid gases conforming to DIN 51622, along with propane/butane, natural gas, DMF, MPS and LPG. Conforming to DIN EN ISO 3821, it is extremely robust, flexible and resistant to ageing and the weather, while offering a smooth, dirt-resistant surface structure. Resistant to kinks and deformation, contains no LABS, stripping agents or grease.

Please refer to our catalogue entitled “Hose technology– Safety first” for further details of this group of products. Just click on the button to go straight to the corresponding page.

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