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Satz VIGOT Industrietechnik Pfade EN

VIGOT® supplies both a selection of standard valve fittings for hose conduits and individually-made items designed to meet special requirements. The VIGOT® Company’s own in-house turning and welding shops make and modify the required valve fittings to customer specifications. These facilities can handle all metallic materials, such as normal and stainless steel, brass, aluminium, or wrought copper alloys; along with matching surface treatments.

See below for selected details of our standard range. Other valve fittings and specially made items can be obtained on request.

 11164 0019 Lebensmittelarmatur
Hoses for food-and-beverage use, the chemicals sector and industry in general

Swaged and flange fittings in normal and stainless steel, brass or aluminium, with features such as screw-in milking tube adapters, flanged couplings, threaded couplings, Camlock couplings, Storz couplings, steam valves

11164 0001 Hydrauligarmatur
Hydraulic hoses

Hose fittings conforming to DIN ISO 12151, e.g. conical nipples with O-ring (light and heavy), threaded stems with 24° and 60° borings, flanged connections with O-ring for flange conforming to ISO 6162 (3000 and 6000 PSI), JIC, NPT and BSP threaded couplings, hoses made up using swaged, threaded and push-in fittings made of normal or stainless steel

11164 645 Metallarmaturen
Metal hoses

Hose fittings conforming to DIN 2999, flanged couplings conforming to DIN and ISO, screw-in milking tubes adapters conforming to DIN 11851, made off malleable cast iron, gunmetal, brass, normal and stainless steel

11164 635 Wasserarmaturen
Water/compressed-air hoses

Connection adapters for water, Geka and compressed-air couplings, sleeve-type and push-in couplings made of brass or malleable cast iron

11164 618 Betankungsarmaturen
Tank-filling hoses

SQuick-action couplings made of stainless steel, brass, normal steel or aluminium, e.g. road-tanker, Storz-type, lever-arm or Perrot couplings

11164 0530 Rohrverschraubungen
Tube fittings

Components conforming to DIN 2353 / DIN EN ISO 8434-1, made of normal and stainless steel; special materials possible

13008 090 Peripherie

Ranging from simple clamps to inspection windows or metering screw connections, clamps conforming to DIN 3015 or filters. Special technology available if desired