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Schlauchprüfung Ölanalyse Schlauchtechnik Filtertechnik

As a partner of HYDAC-Öl-Service, we offer you a systematically structured service program that makes a significant contribution to extending the operating times of hydraulic systems, lubrication systems and electrohydraulic control and regulation systems through proper maintenance and inspection.

Regular inspection of operating and system parameters prevents expensive downtime. As a partner of the HYDAC Service Center, we check the oil and filter condition, for instance.

Oil analysis
Our Hydac oil service includes a structured and comprehensive service program aimed at extending operating times.

Types of contamination and oil analysis
Oil contamination can occur in various ways. Regular monitoring is necessary to prevent damage as far as possible.

This graphic example explains two types of contamination: (1 line division = 45 ym)

Schlauchprüfung Ölanalyse Schlauchtechnik Filtertechnik Upper image
ype of particle: mainly rust; white particles: additives

· Pronounced ageing of oil
· Malfunctioning pumps and valves
· Wear, due mainly to water in oil

Lower image
Type of particle: products resulting from ageing of oil

· Filter blockages
· Accumulations of sludge in system

Timely intervention can save you considerable costs.

Just contact us!

Schlauchprüfung Ölanalyse Schlauchtechnik FiltertechnikSchlauchprüfung Ölanalyse Schlauchtechnik Filtertechnik

KontaminationsfibelGuide to contamination

Familiarise yourself with the basic principles of oil contamination. The enclosed guide contains initial information and examples

pdfPDF Guide to contamination