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The water hoses in our catalogue fulfil a complete range of industrial and commercial application requirements. When it comes to the transport of drinking water, we offer a selection of products designed to meet all the demands of consumers and authorities alike. Here are a few examples:

11165 014 AquapalAquapal®

Highly flexible drinking-water hose, absolutely odour- and taste-neutral. Authorised in accordance with the KTW “pipes and tubes” directive, DVGW-W270 and DVGW-VP549, FDA-compliant.

11165 029 CristalCristal

Soft, crystal-clear PVC hose designed for use with non-pressurised liquids.

11165 081 PrimabelPrimabel®

Flexible, multi-layer PVC water hose with honeycomb-shaped Soft&Flex structure.

Please refer to our catalogue entitled “Hose technology– Safety first” for further details of this group of products. Just click on the button to go straight to the corresponding page.

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