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Satz VIGOT Industrietechnik Pfade EN

Schlauchtechnik Schauenburg Industrietechnik Maximall Schlauchentwicklung

The expertise of VIGOT®, a brand of SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik, is based on years of experience and customized advice for our customers, even in complex situations. With our teams spread across various locations in Germany, we pool engineering resources to meet the challenges of the market.

This cooperative collaboration in our diverse teams leads to market-driven and technologically refined products that are convincing in terms of economy, ecology and safety. The development expertise that has driven the VIGOT® brand for more than 160 years is a convincing cornerstone of this collaboration. Products such as the MAXIMALL® range are a guarantee of quality and innovation.

SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik also offers development services for products in our area of expertise. The production of special designs according to individual customer requirements formed the basis for the development of our own systems at VIGOT®. In the following we present some of our current in-house developments.


Schlauchtechnik Schauenburg Industrietechnik Maximall SchlauchentwicklungSchlauchtechnik Schauenburg Industrietechnik Maximall Schlauchentwicklung