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15061 1111 Leistung Ultra Clean

Cleaning hoses with the "Ultra Clean Launcher"

We use the Ultra Clean Launcher to clean hoses, pipes and lines. The launcher removes the dirt from the hose by shooting cleaning projectiles through it. These projectiles have an internal diameter 20-30% larger than the hoses that need to be cleaned. The slightly larger diameter pushes the unwanted particles out of the hose. With our range of different projectiles and mouthpieces, we can adjust the launcher to different areas of application.

This product from Ultra Clean Technologies Corp. can be purchased from us. We also offer the cleaning of your hoses, pipes or lines with the Ultra Clean Launcher. Contact us to make an appointment with one of our competent employees!

22012 465 Leistung Ultra Clean22012 465 Leistung Ultra Clean 

"Ultra Clean Seal" - sealing capsule for hoses

The "Ultra Clean Seal" sealing capsule provides a permanent seal for hoses. By applying heat, the end capsule is precisely adapted to the end of the hose and seals the hose securely. The capsules are easy to remove.

This product from Ultra Clean Technologies Corp. is available from us. Contact us for advice and further information!

"Ultra Clean Seal" - flange seal

The "Ultra Clean Seal" flange seal offers a safe and clean solution for sealing flanges. It prevents dirt from entering the hose and liquids such as oil from escaping. The closure is easy to install and requires no additional tools.

This product from Ultra Clean Technologies Corp. is available from us. Contact us for a consultation, we are at your service!

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