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Satz VIGOT Industrietechnik Pfade EN

You will find that VIGOT offers a wide range of customised solutions designed to cope with all manner of individual, high-temperature operating conditions. This is just a small selection from our current range:

11165 038 Flexadux Hypalon T CLFlexadux® Hypalon T CL

Highly flexible, twin-ply spiral hose, with white Teflon foil on the inside and black, Hypalon-coated polyester fabric on the outside. Highly resistant to chemicals and the weather, external wear-protection spiral with outstanding strength, highly flame-resistant, impervious to vibrations and with outstanding resistance to UV light and ozone.

11165 053 Flexadux Teflon CLFlexadux® Teflon® CL

Extremely light, highly flexible spiral hose made of PTFE-coated glass fibre, brown. Highly resistant to chemicals and extreme temperatures, external wear-protection spiral, outstanding strength.

11165 090 Silikon Heissluftschlauch 1lagigSilicon hot-air hose, single-ply

Hot-air hose made of silicon-coated glass-fibre fabric, single-ply, red-brown. Highly resistant to heat, remains flexible when cold, outstanding chemical resistance.

Please refer to our catalogue entitled “Hose technology– Safety first” for further details of this group of products. Just click on the button to go straight to the corresponding page.

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