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VIGOT fire-sleeves: the result of many years’ experience

Since the development of the fire sleeves type F88 in 1970, VIGOT has been market-leading in the manufacturing of insulating materials for use in fire prevention. Our fire-sleeves can be used to cover and protect supply lines and energy conduits and cables from the external effects of fire. They are made of a specially impregnated, mineral-based carrier material. Our fire-sleeves are able – thanks to the density of their fabric, the wall strength of their carrier material and the thickness of their coating – to withstand extreme short-term temperatures. Our fire-sleeves can extend, various times over, the longevity of rubber and plastic hoses or cables, while preventing premature ageing and/or failure.

The wide selection of possible applications ranges from scientific research to everyday applied technology. Their use in the chemical and energy-supply sectors, heavy industry, the automotive sector, shipbuilding and aerospace, along with the railway rolling-stock industry, testifies to their high safety standards. Our fire-sleeves also have industrial health and safety applications, where they are used to prevent injuries caused by pipe and hose conduits that transport hot substances.

We supply our fire-sleeves in various configurations, including with silicon coating, for example, and in dimensions ranging from DN6 to DN140, depending on the model of hose. We supply hoses designed for assembly during production, along with products suitable for subsequent installation.

VIGOT’s long decades of experience with fire-sleeves allows it to develop customer-specific solutions.

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