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Satz VIGOT Industrietechnik Pfade EN

14011 1084 Besprechung F88

VIGOT® supports its customers with special services and customised developments. Whether you require an on-site oil analysis or a specially manufactured hose, the fulfilment of your wishes is our top priority.

VIGOT® has focused its efforts on providing a specialised mobile hose-conduit service able to handle pressures from 2 to 500 bar. Leak testing, oil analysis and other services are of course likewise included in the list of skills of VIGOT®’s team of well-trained specialists.


20035 MaximallS2000VIGOT® marine hose
MAXIMALL® S 2000-type
Hose-conduit system for use in marine engineering, with GL and BAAINBw permits

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09137 031 FeuerschutzschlauchVIGOT® fire-sleeve
Type F 88
VIGOT® fire-sleeves are the culmination of many years’ experience in the manufacture of insulating materials for use in fire prevention.

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AufrolltechnikVIGOT® reel systems
Types A and WD

VIGOT® hose and cable reels have been helping to improve industrial health and safety for more than 50 years

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07115 039 TrageschieneVIGOT® support rail
Type VMC

The VMC system permits the flexible configuration of clamp-types conforming to DIN 3015

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