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Satz VIGOT Industrietechnik Pfade EN

Schlauchtechnik Feuerschutzschlauch Maximall OEM-Kunden

SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik supports its customers with the VIGOT® brand in hose technology through special services and, in particular, individual developments. Our aim is to develop and implement smooth processes for our customers by supplying modular systems that enable flexible and customized integration of hose lines into their products. For OEM customers in particular, we develop systems that optimize this workflow.

Innovative solutions for hose technology such as the MAXIMALL S 2000, the fire protection hose type F88 and support rails are naturally part of our portfolio. We have been carrying out these developments in accordance with market and demand requirements for more than 50 years.

The second major field of activity is services relating to hose lines. This includes mobile hose testing with a test range of 2 to 500 bar in mobile use and up to 4,000 bar in our in-house test center, including underwater testing and on-site oil analysis.

Our trained team is of course available for your inquiries.


20035 MaximallS2000VIGOT® marine hose
MAXIMALL® S 2000-type
Hose-conduit system for use in marine engineering, with GL and BAAINBw permits

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09137 031 FeuerschutzschlauchVIGOT® fire-sleeve
Type F 88
VIGOT® fire-sleeves are the culmination of many years’ experience in the manufacture of insulating materials for use in fire prevention.

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AufrolltechnikVIGOT® reel systems
Type A

VIGOT® hose and cable reels have been helping to improve industrial health and safety for more than 50 years

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07115 039 TrageschieneVIGOT® support rail
Type VMC

The VMC system permits the flexible configuration of clamp-types conforming to DIN 3015

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