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UltraCleanLauncherGerUltraCleanSealCapsuleUltraCleanSeal Anschluss


Cleaning of hoses, pipes and conduits with the “Ultra Clean Launcher”

The launcher removes dirt from pipe conduits by shooting cleaning projectiles through them at high pressure. The internal diameter of these projectiles is 20% to 30% larger than that of the conduits that they are intended to clean, which is what allows them to eject unwanted debris from the hose. Various projectiles and nozzles can be used to adapt the launcher to different areas of application.

We can supply you with this product made by Ultra Clean Technologies Corp. We can of course also clean your hoses, pipes and other conduits on your behalf. Just contact us to arrange an appointment with our team of experts.


„Ultra Clean Seal“ sealing capsule for hose conduits

The Clean Seal sealing capsule permanently encases the hose conduit concerned.
The end-capsule is heated to adapt it precisely to the end of the hose and provide a secure seal. These capsules can easily be removed once more.

We can supply you with this product made by Ultra Clean Technologies Corp. Just call us. We will be pleased to advise you further.


„Ultra Clean Seal“ flange seal

The Clean Seal flange seal provides a clean and reliable way to secure flanges. It stops dirt getting into the pipe, and stops liquids such as oil from getting out. The seal is very easy to set without using special tools.

We can supply you with this product made by Ultra Clean Technologies Corp. Just call us. We will be pleased to advise you further

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 Modular solutions

As a service provider, we consider it our mission to provide the best-possible all-round service to you as your partner and supplier. This includes our component-management service.
As a single-source supplier, we contribute to reducing costs, while allowing you, our valued customer, to concentrate on your own core areas of competence. Joint long-term partnerships in this respect help to ensure smooth-running procedures. You can alternatively use our modular system, which allows you to select a suitable element from our range to meet your needs.

· Procurement
· Logistics
· B2B relationships
· Multiple-container systems
· Kanban
· Storage
· Individual concepts

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VIGOT® as an OEM partner
Our business is concerned equally with the supply of original equipment and the delivery of drawing-based hose-conduit systems and spare parts. Our workshop makes and assembles pipe conduits for virtually all areas of application, from DN 2 right up to DN 300, along with their corresponding valve fittings.

Various attachment techniques are used with these valve fittings, depending on the type of hose conduit and its corresponding requirements. They can take the form of push-in adapters, quick-action couplings, reusable screw-in fittings, crimp connectors or valve fittings welded onto metal hoses.

Quality-control consists, depending on requirements, of leak and pressure testing carried out at up to 4,000 bar.

14085 765 Schlauchettiket14085 745 Hydrauligschlauch14085 706 Schlauch pressenPressing of hose conduits

Schlauch Zeich

14085 772 Handarbeit Schlauch14085 1525 Schlauchettiketten14085 1404 gepresster SchlauchIntegration of hose conduits • Welded hose conduit

12158 286 OelpruefserviceCustomised hose-conduit service

We supply a wide range of hose-maintenance services along with our technical advice and project-consultation expertise. This includes VIGOT®’s specialist mobile field service for systems ranging from 2 to 500 bar, which covers regular testing and inspection and the replacement of defective hose conduits, all carried out locally on-site. Leak testing, oil analyses in our in-house lab and other additional services likewise form part of the repertoire of our highly trained and qualified team.

• Mobile hose-conduit service
• Replacement of defective hose conduits
• On-site installation service
• Oil analyses in our in-house lab
• Test certificates for pressures of up to 4,000 bar
• Underwater leak-testing with air
• Unique identification of products

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Quality guarantee
Hose conduits are directly subjected to in-house quality assurance inspections. Certified pressure testing for all common types of hose conduit.


Vigot Anhaenger MobilVigot Sprinter Mobil

Mobile monitoring
Onsite hose-testing. Our team of experienced specialists can carry out hose testing on your premises. This mobile intervention reduces downtime, as the pipe conduits concerned only need to be removed for the actual duration of the inspection. We are available to you for on-site testing purposes, with the reserve capacity required. Our specialist experts naturally hold all the required permits and authorisations. Performance in this area is backed up by first-class references.

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Our HYDAC oil service offers a system-based, gap-free range of facilities designed to ensure that correct maintenance and inspection lengthen the service life of hydraulic subassemblies, lubrication systems and electrohydraulic control and regulating systems.

Oil analysis
Our Hydac oil service offers a systematically configured, gap-free range of facilities designed to extend service life.

Types of contamination and oil analysis
Oil contamination can occur in various ways. Regular monitoring is required to prevent damage as much as possible.

This graphic example explains two types of contamination: (1 line division = 45 ym)

Oelservice Bild2 7a7 Upper image
ype of particle: mainly rust; white particles: additives

· Pronounced ageing of oil
· Malfunctioning pumps and valves
· Wear, due mainly to water in oil

Lower image
Type of particle: products resulting from ageing of oil

· Filter blockages
· Accumulations of sludge in system

Timely intervention can save you considerable costs.

Just contact us!

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KontaminationsfibelGuide to contamination

Familiarise yourself with the basic principles of oil contamination. The enclosed guide contains initial information and examples

pdfPDF Guide to contamination

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VIGOT® supports its customers with special services and customised developments. Whether you require an on-site oil analysis or a specially manufactured hose, the fulfilment of your wishes is our top priority.

VIGOT® has focused its efforts on providing a specialised mobile hose-conduit service able to handle pressures from 2 to 500 bar. Leak testing, oil analysis and other services are of course likewise included in the list of skills of VIGOT®’s team of well-trained specialists.


20035 MaximallS2000VIGOT® marine hose
MAXIMALL® S 2000-type
Hose-conduit system for use in marine engineering, with GL and BAAINBw permits

Further information on the product

09137 031 FeuerschutzschlauchVIGOT® fire-sleeve
Type F 88
VIGOT® fire-sleeves are the culmination of many years’ experience in the manufacture of insulating materials for use in fire prevention.

Further information on the product

AufrolltechnikVIGOT® reel systems
Types A and WD

VIGOT® hose and cable reels have been helping to improve industrial health and safety for more than 50 years

Further information on the product

07115 039 TrageschieneVIGOT® support rail
Type VMC

The VMC system permits the flexible configuration of clamp-types conforming to DIN 3015

Further information on the product

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VIGOT’s know-how is based on its long years of experience. Our ability to offer individual advice to our customers, even when dealing with complex problems, has contributed considerably in this respect. ­ Tasks of this type are performed in cooperation with the engineering resources of the globally active SCHAUENBURG INTERNATIONAL Group based in Mülheim/Ruhr (Germany), of which VIGOT is a member-company. The resulting developments help create market-matched, technically advanced products that fulfil their economic, environmental and safety requirements. We would of course be pleased to take on any of your development work that is likely to depend on products belonging to our core area of expertise..

The supply of special designs based on customer specifications for use in individual operating situations was likewise what provided the VIGOT Company with the inspiration to create its own systems. We have included (see below) the details of some of our current in-house development work.

Safety first 

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VIGOT fire-sleeves are made of a specially impregnated, mineral-based carrier material. This heat protection fabric presents no health risk and fulfils the requirements of the health regulations to a high degree.

Our portfolio online

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You can also find a section from the whole range of our products on the Internet. This link takes you to our new e-catalogue. Here our customers will find all the useful information about our products and can also use our request module to upload all the details for a customised quotation. Go to the e-catalogue

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As a system supplier, we are a reliable partner to industry for technically convincing product solutions. One Stop Solution is the principle after we accompany projects from development to series production in many important industries. In doing so, we operate successfully on the national and international market. Read more...